Why is wine a good investment?

The investment wine market represents just a small percentage of the world’s wine production. This implies that demand greatly exceeds supply. Over the last 10 years, wine has had an average annual return of around 11.9% (Source: Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index – Q2 2021). The investment wine market has no correlation with traditional markets as wine investment is inflation and recession resistant and therefore protected in the event of an economic crisis.

What criteria should be heeded when investing in wine?

Knowing how to move in the world of wine investments is not that simple; it requires a great deal of experience and a broad strategic long-term view of wine.

Crucial to a successful investmente:

  • Buy at the best market price
  • Store wine in professional warehouses
  • Have access to a global network of collectors, merchants and auction houses for reselling of the asset

If these criteria are followed, wine becomes the perfect investment for preserving wealth and diversifying a portfolio.

Which wines should I focus on?

Wine Wins Invest buys wines mainly from producers in Piedmont, Burgundy, Champagne, Tuscany, Bordeaux and the Napa Valley in order to guarantee and certify their originality.

How much should I invest to get a good return?


Wine Wins offers the opportunity to create tailor-made subscription packages for each customer. We recommend starting with an investment of at least 15,000 euros

For how long should the wine be tied up?


There is no fixed time limit, the value of the wines purchased is checked daily, ensuring you are aware of the financial situation of your investment at all times so that you can stop or not at any time, with no restrictions or penalties.

The optimum time range is 5 to 7 years.

How much does it cost to buy investment wines?

Wine Wins Merchant offers you the chance to buy any type of fine wine you want at extremely advantageous prices; thanks to storage in tax warehouses there is no 22% VAT to pay.

Wine Portfolio Management Costs

An annual percentage of the investment value will be charged (invoice at end of the year), based on the agreed package. Should you wish to increase your investment share during the year, this percentage will be revised. This covers all storage costs all risk insurance for 110% of the value of the wine and transport.

How much does it cost to bring the wine to the tax warehouse?

With Wine Wins there are no additional costs, the purchase price of the wine will be inclusive of tax warehouse entry and customs documents.

Who is the owner of the wine during the entire investment period ?

The wine is the property of the purchaser. The purchaser will receive a regular purchase invoice and certification documents for storage in our warehouse. To view your goods, you can request photos of the wine crates or you can book an appointment at the warehouse. The goods will be registered with an identification number so that they can be recognised.

Can I decide to have the wine delivered?

As the owner of the goods, each buyer can choose to collect and consume the wine at any time, but this is not a recommended option. Should you decide to collect your wine, you will need to agree a delivery date and be charged the balance of VAT and transport costs for the tax-free warehouse.

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