About Us

We are professionals, lovers of wine in all its forms, collectors of ideas, dreams, and passions and promoters of efficiency, innovation and value

We believe in wine as an added value to our investments and not as a consumer good.

We offer a specialist consultancy service thanks to the support of fine wine experts and professional sommeliers who will accompany you in your investments.

We are a member of Liv-Ex (London International Vintners Exchange), the global marketplace for the fine wine market, which allows us to have a constantly updated overview in line with current trends.

There are two sides to Wine Wins:

  • Invest: tailor-made consultancy for future buyers of fine wines, accompanying each of our clients in the definition, management and choice of their wine portfolio.
  • Merchant: : buying and selling of fine and exclusive wines in any format and limited editions, guaranteeing product authenticity and storage certification services plus transport to controlled environments for optimum preservation of the wine.


Specialist consultancy service

Exclusive access to the biggest fine wine market

Buying and selling



Operational headquarters: Via Bellini, 10 - 40067 Rastignano (BO) - Italy

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+39 388 3268145


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