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Louis Roederer Cristal: The story of a legend

Louis Roederer Cristal: The story of a legend

Louis Roederer’s Cuvée Cristal was the first Cuvée de Prestige created in Champagne in 1876 at the request of Tsar Alexander II.
At the time, Maison Roederer produced around 2,500,000 bottles, almost a third of which were destined for the Russian market.
The Tsar demanded a Cuvée especially for the Russian aristocracy and asked for the bottle to be made of crystal. Following extensive testing and research, the Roederer family succeeded in creating a bottle of precious crystal strong enough to hold this fine wine with 6 atmospheres.
The bottle was, and still is today, transparent with a flat bottom, one of its kind worldwide. The only difference from the bottles intended for the Tsar is that now glass is used instead of crystal. The name, however, has stayed the same: CRISTAL.


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